Friday, June 5, 2009

Testing, 1, 2, 3....

OK, so, I know I didn't write last week, but I hope you will all forgive me. Things have been a bit crazy as I have started tutoring in earnest. I am extremely grateful to have a job, but it does take up quite a chunk of time, especially since I have to travel to Maadi, a trip of about 40 minutes each way including the walking, to get to and from my students' house.

I am teaching a family of Koreans, transferred to my by Jaehee before she and Aden left for the states. I teach three of them, the 12 year old daughter Youjin, her 16 year old brother Jaewon, and their mother. They are all at different levels, so it makes for some interesting times. The nice thing is that I get paid $25 an hour for 10 hours per week, which is more than enough to cover my classes and rent, and leave some left over for fun.

Speaking of fun, I'm planning on going to Dahab, the number two spot for scuba diving in the world. And, I plan to go there to get certified. It costs around $400 total, but it is way cheaper there than in the US, so I figured I should do it while I have the chance. And the certification is good for life, with a few refreshers of course. I am way stoked cause that's something I've always wanted to do!

In other news, I'll be taking the US Foreign Service Officer exam tomorrow. If I pass, I will have a chance at landing a job in the State department (after a few more levels of the selection process of course...) I fully expect to fail miserably, but I figured it would be worth it for the experience, especially since the test is free, and I kinda like tests. Because I'm weird like that.

Andy and I have been alternating days in our apartment between Arabic and Chinese. That way we get to practice both languages and it's pretty fun!

Pres Obama came to Egypt this past week, and I took the opportunity to watch the address he gave to the Arab world live on Egyptian TV. It was interesting, because for the first time, I sorta felt the Spirit while he was talking. As most of you know, I have an intense distrust of politicians in general, and so it was rather odd. I felt that, if he was serious and committed to the foreign policy goals he stated, than I would be able to enter government service on morally stable ground. We'll see. If I pass the FSO test, then I'll worry about it.

Other than that, a new group of students i in Egypt now for the summer, I'm looking for an apartment (did I say that already?), and my Arabic course ends this week so I have to figure out what to do during the summer break. Probably hire a tutor and go through Al Kitaab. We'll see! Keep in touch.


PS. Pictures will come when I have some applicable ones :-p

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