Monday, June 8, 2009


I am...AWESOME! I actually felt like sauntering today, and it probably carried into an extra bounciness in my step as I chawed my bubblegum down Nubar street. Haha.

Today was just great. Had my last day of class for this run at things, and did really well. Got a 91 percent over all. My teacher, Khaled, also wanted to exchange skype addresses, so now I'll have someone to practice my Arabic with. Then had to go get a few pictures taken, and was able to explain what I wanted and how many to the clerk, and though I got overcharged a bit, I was still happy :-) After I returned to give documentation to the center I study at, I had a wonderful conversation about religion with some of the teachers at the school, who are Muslim. I really felt love for them and these people here, and it was great. I know God loves people that are devoted to Him, as they do their best to show it through their actions.

After that, I rested a tad, then tutored for three hours. The Korean family I teach is just great, and I really like them, though it is difficult to tutor sometimes, as I don't speak Korean. But I am learning a few basic phrases here and there. :-) An yong yi Kae sey yo! (Goodbye, to a woman) Komsomeda! (Thank you!) and such.

Then I went and found the scuba shop I will be getting my certification through, and chatted with the clerk for a few minutes as we waited for the head dude to show up. After a while, Sam, aforementioned "head dude," called and said he was stuck in traffic, so I went and ate at a local Chinese restaurant, run by a family from Harbin, China. They speak no English. Awesome. Chatted for about a half hour, then headed back to the shop where I picked up the course manual. I am way excited as I've always wanted to do this. I only worry because one of the dive days is a Friday (the Sabbath here.) but I feel like this could be another one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that God seems to drop in my lap every once in a while. Seriously, it just fell in my lap, as things usually do. :-)

And then, I headed to another tutoring appointment for math. And had a great time eating my take away Chinese food while discussing the law of Cosine. Most excellent. :-D

Rode the subway home, polishing off the latest batch of vocabulary words, chewed a big wad of gum, and bought peppermints from a handicapped guy hawking his wares on the train. Then I sauntered home and helped my roomie figure out how to get pinyin based Chinese to work on his computer, all the while chatting in Mandarin, cause it's Chinese day. In honor of Chinese day, I drank some Chinese medicine I got from a friend who recently went back to the states (thanks, Daphne!). Tomorrow is Arabic day. Maybe I'll eat hummus. Oh wait, I do that every day...

So yah, I'm doing pretty well! :-)

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  1. yay! It finally let me in!
    I love reading these, it makes me happy :)
    Glad you are doing so great!