Friday, March 27, 2009

Minor hitches in the mechanism

So, looks like my oath to write in this more frequently may not have been so lightly take after all. Actually, I happen to have internet access while I'm waiting for my wash to finish drying, and have nothing else to do, so why not?

Actually, this week has been quite interesting. Several things have popped up which are causing some problems, and I am more than happy to tell you all about them, if you are more than happy to read them.

Anyway, "thing that popped up" number one: Problems with roommate(s). Well, not actually MY roommate, he's pretty cool, but our OTHER roommates, also known as his brother and his brother's girlfriend. They have this annoying habit of kicking us out of our apartment for 12 hours a day, two days a week, so, as my roommate says, they can "enjoy" it. I doubt very much that they care all that much about the amenities of the apartment, and just want a place to be "alone." Yah... In other words, we want to be nowhere near here... However, this has the rather unpleasant side effect of placing me on the street without a home for 16 hours a week with nothing to do, unless I want to cart around my laptop and various study materials and find a vacant bench in the park, or rely upon the mercies of my many wonderful friends in the branch for sanctuary. Thank God for the church!

I have been pressuring my roommate to remedy the problem for quite some time, but his brother had been kind of avoiding the situation. Finally, they talked, and it was decided that it would be best if I found a new place to live. I found out that Ahmed owes his brother some money, or some such, so his hands are tied. He didn't let his brother know I was moving in, and so he (the brother) is unwilling to give up his erstwhile freedom to hijack the place each Sunday and Wednesday. So, I am apartment hunting again. A nice, quiet, private studio would be nice.

Don't get me wrong, this apartment is pretty good, especially the location, but I don't appreciate being kept up at night by loud TV programs, not to mention the loud Arabs watching them. Also, it's dirty, and Ahmed doesn't seem too hot on cleaning, and has tried to hire a maid, but for some reason she comes only sporadically. Also, I have been without water for the past 2 days, as well as having a clogged drain before that, which is not pleasant (I can't wash clothes or take more than military showers...thankfully, Lindsey and a couple other friends have stepped in and saved the day.) So, that's my housing situation.

Then, there's work. What work, you ask? Any work, as long as it pays a decent wage and there's enough of it to do. Tutoring hasn't panned out, and so far my other queries have all come up empty, but we shall keep trying.

Finally, it seems that Fjr may not be able to accomodate me for this next class block. Oh the joy. So, two options have I. I can hire a tutor, which would be fun, or, I can go traveling, which would also be fun. So, that is probably the least of my problems, as all options are, as I so astutely observe, fun.

So, that's an update. I'll keep you informed of developments as they progress!



  1. Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun! Well, not so much the apartment hunting or the other troubles, but just the different atmosphere! Good luck with everything!

  2. Good luck with everything.. and if I hear about someone looking for a roommate, I'll let you know. I'd introduce you to my realtor, but he didn't get me that good of a deal and we're paying out of our noses and not traveling too much because of it.. but it's a nice place.. anywho, yeah I doubt he'd find what you're looking for :/